ECS 210

Feb 8th, 2019 Blog Post #5

Before the reading

I think that the school curricula is developed by retired teachers and people who think that know what is best for students. I think the people who write the curricula have to include many people’s input in the final decision which makes their job difficult. I also believe that the curricula is made off of standardized testing.


After the reading

I learned that the development and implementation of curriculum is not easy and takes a lot of time. When you want to create or revise the curriculum there is four steps you must go through in order to do so. Which is examining the curriculum, listing the strength and weaknesses, consider the different ideas of change and finally trying to arrive to consensus on recommendations. The curriculum is developed by the government and some subject experts. However, there is nobody that is actually a teacher and teaches in a class all day long. Because of this problem, the creators do not know what it is like to teach students and the time it takes to go through materials. When trying to create a new curriculum it often causes problems amongst the teachers. The teacher may not be as educated in the subject which makes it difficult for them to teach it, or there is too much material to teach and teachers have to rush and try to fit it all in. The whole process and the people who make curriculum surprises me because no one is actually a teacher, so they do not know how hard it is to teach new curriculum and they do not know if it works or not.


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